I am regularly asked what has been my most memorable event, and with 17 years in the events industry the options are certainly vast. My favourites to date include:

  • A sumptuous dinner interspersed with a privately commissioned performance by the English National Ballet’s principal dancers between courses.
  • An event set in an aquarium launching a client’s logo displayed on swimmers as they delivered an underwater synchronised display amongst tropical fish.
  • A Russian ice room recreated within a modern art gallery where guests received invitations carved from solid ice blocks.

This week, my list has a new contender! Hidden in plain sight in the City of London, the Museum of the Order of St John was the stage for an incredible, 200 guest, 18th century extravaganza that danced it’s way straight into my growing favourites list.

This utterly awesome evening was described as a photographer’s dream, as the 21st century faded away guests were immersed in bygone age where both ladies, gentlemen and violin playing bears danced the night away.

You can experience some of the evening’s magic and breath-taking images here, or view a more detailed case study of the event, it’s planning, event photos and the post event analysis here.

All good events need to have a clear purpose and this event was a promotion designed to show, first-hand, the answers to those classic event organiser questions:

  • Does it have the wow factor? – It certainly did!
  • Is it the right location for my clients? – Many commented on how easy to access and charming the venue was.
  • What is the event atmosphere like? – Electric! The costumed staff, entertainers and dressing of the venue were exquisite.
  • How would hospitality work in this setting? – Fizz can explain different options to suit each individual event’s needs.

There is nothing quite like experiencing a live event in a venue to understand if it could be ‘the one’. But, there was certainly some magic at play on a late November evening that made this memorable event and venue a strong contender.

So, the question remains, will it be joining my list? The answer, a resounding YES!