Venues by Location

Greenwich Venues

Central London Venues

Garden Museum

Location: Lamberth
Max Receptions: 250
Max Dinners: 120

British Museum

Location: Central
Max Receptions: 320
Max Dinners: 120

Cartoon Museum

Location Bloomsbury
Max Receptions: 150
Max Dinners: 60


Location Westminster
Max Receptions: 400
Max Dinners: 280

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City of London Venues

Two Temple

Location Temple
Max Receptions: 120
Max Dinners: 120

Stationers Hall

Location City of London
Max Receptions: 450
Max Dinners: 130

Trinity House

Location: Tower Hill
Max Receptions: 180
Max Dinners: 130

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North London Venues

Madame Tussauds

Location: Marylebone
Max Receptions: 1000
Max Dinners: 380

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Docklands Venues

The Troxy

Location: Docklands
Max Receptions: 1500
Max Dinners: 700

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