What is an Immersive Event?

Increasingly Fizz are asked “Can you create an immersive experience at our event?” You may well ask what does immersive mean in this context, as our first immersive event was a real novelty some 10 years ago. This took place at the London Aquarium where our client, a German bank, were launching their new company branding. Our brief, to create a memorable beach experience making amusing reference to german tourists being first out with towels to reserve a spot in the sun!  We created a paradise beach environment with  interactive elements including limbo dancing, steel band and a delectable beach menu. The jaw dropping highlight  of the night  however was a performance by Aquabatix   – an underwater synchronised display with swimmers attired in the new company brand. Needless to say the event was literally the talk of the town taking this brand launch to  a whole new level. In recent years Aquabatix made the finals competing in Britain’s Got Talent in another of their fabulous performances.

Fast forward to 2019 and we are often creating fully  immersive events. None illustrate this better than a recent event  launching a new Levis clothing range.  At this event guests literally stepped into the 50’s space race the inspiration for the range where  new clothing displayed allowing guests to reach out and touch the products in a series of multi-faceted room sets, ranging from a garden shed  to a teenagers bedroom. This fully immersive event, transformed  just another launch event into a memorable experience, allowing guests to engage in a unforgettable and dynamic way.

According to marketing industry leaders, the most powerful immersive events experiences are ones that build stories around the brand, so that they surround and engage. Today, immersive marketing has become less of a novelty and is playing a more integral role in many events. When done well, immersive events can be a powerful platform for your organisation to engage with their teams and clients. Contact Fizz to understand how you can introduce immersive within your next event for maximum impact!

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